One year of Curated Wax update

 After tying email newsletters for a few months we had decided that blog posts on the website are the easiest way to share updates about shipping, monthly selectors, new subscriptions and upcoming events. We will now be using this blog as well as Instagram for all Curated Wax updates and announcements! 

Customer accounts - changing payments and address Over the last year we have always answered requests for changing shipping addresses and payments via email, we have now updated the website to enable customer accounts. Please create an account by clicking on the login logo in the top bar or by clicking the link in the customer account activation email that all customers have now been sent. This will mean that updating details is much quicker and easier than before compared with emailing us. On your customer account please select the ‘manage subscriptions’ button to update payments and addresses as well as to pause and cancel subscriptions

Colin Chiddle Pick - We will finally be receiving the copies of Colin’s pick this week, after long delay’s caused by Brexit. The Records will be dispatched at the end of next week, Colin’s pick will definitely be worth the wait! Next months selector will be announced very soon and monthly payments will continue.  

Curated Wax T-Shirts  We have just sent off an order for some T-shirts to celebrate one year of Curated Wax designed by Callum Kershaw, the artist behind all our Monthly posters. Keep an eye out, they will be available to purchase on the website in the next couple of weeks!